Transgender Art & Trans Communities

Transgender art, often called trans art, is a collective of works of transgender artists who explore unique forms of expression through visual imagery. There are many transgender art events held annually to celebrate transgender art and to raise awareness about transgender issues. Transgender art can take many forms; there is no strict guideline to this except for transgender art should feature art which is informed by and showcases transgender life and culture. Many transgender artists also choose to feature on transgender people in their work as well.

Transgender art comes in many forms

Transgender art is not only limited to the visual arts but can also include writing, music, photography, and theater. Some transgender artists may choose to perform transgender art as part of a performance art group. This type of artistic performance can be as simple as wearing a dress to a live performance or as complex as creating an entire musical or film based on transgender art. Transgender individuals have been celebrating their gender identity for centuries, now it is your turn to make transgender art. Gender is more than a label, gender is a lifestyle. Gender is a decision, made by each individual for themselves, to live as, feel as, and love as the gender they identify with.

There is so much information available about transgenderism, finding out about and researching transgender art helps one understand the journey being made as a transgender. There are various transgender art conventions, groups, and individuals who promote transgender art around the world. transgender art is not limited to the art found in public venues; transgender art can be as private as a person’s bedroom or as public as a full stage play. transgender art includes but is not limited to, photography, painting, jewelry, film, music, theater, printmaking, sculpture, pottery, and jewelry. The future of transgender art will continue to evolve with the evolution of transgender awareness and understanding.

Trans art history is expanding into the visual and performing arts in 2021

Art Education Programs at local schools and colleges are helping students learn to understand and appreciate transgender art. transgender artists are making a visual impact on the transgender community. Transforming gender identity is an emotional and often painful process. Understanding and celebrating transgender art can help people gain strength and support during this time of adjustment.

As a teenager I was blown away by trans art

While there were no transgender people to talk to in my city, there were a few magazines and internet sites that featured transgender art. The amazing thing about it was that while many of the artists were men (and some were women), there were trans women (and some were even children) featured alongside their creations. I later learned that Yusef Islam, a well-known Arab poet featured on “Books For Sale” owned a studio where he produced beautiful, inclusive, and politically aware transgender art. After studying radical Islamic theory I connected to the poetry of Yusef and realized how his poetry mirrored my own experiences growing up in the Middle East.

Transforming gender identity is an emotional and often difficult process

While transgender artists are creating beautiful works of trans art, they face tremendous obstacles in finding love and acceptance from the opposite sex. I want to encourage all trans and gender diverse individuals who are struggling to find their place in the world to seek self-empowerment through using the power of the internet to reach out to their communities. A place like YouTube that allows for transgender people to show off their beautiful transgender works of art and discuss their views on trans and gender diverse people is a place I’d like to promote and support them in using to grow and become the confident, beautiful, and strong trans individual that each is capable of being.

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